"He was smiling when I laid him down and he didn't make a peep. Mildly terrifying, but I'm thrilled! He's such an easy going little guy now! I know regressions might still happen, but this is such an incredible transformation that we're pretty peaceful about anything else that comes." -- Candace Reilly, Asheville, NC

"Nights are still great and super smooth. She goes to sleep really easily and knows just what to do, so we're both feeling really fortunate about that." -- Peyton Kinnard, Asheville, NC

"Maddie is like a totally different kid when it comes to sleeping now. I greatly appreciate your help, coaching, and tips. It's crazy that you try to keep your child safe by putting up a baby gate and unintentionally cause her to have anxiety and stress and keep her from sleeping. I'm really amazed at how well this worked. She has been sleeping through the night. Also, today she took a nap IN HER BED!!!!!! Daycare said that she has been napping good there too and that she is getting up with the other kids on her own now (I suppose she is more well rested). Thank you so much!" -- Elise Bugg, Asheville, NC

"Ryan is doing really great. Twelve hours a night and a one hour nap too. It wasn't bad at all coming back from vacation. I was so surprised that he slept so well in that little crib (on vacation) without waking up at all. He still wakes up sometimes at night, but goes right back to sleep by himself so fast. I am soooo proud of my little boy! I can't thank you enough for helping us! -- Silke Hildinger, Asheville, NC

"I am beyond grateful for Kim and her expertise, support, and gentle approach to helping me and my then 11-month-old son get to a healthy sleep pattern for both nighttime sleep and naps. When people used to ask me if my son was a good sleeper, I would always say "yes, but only two hours at a time!" 🙂 In fact, sleeping through the night or anything longer than two hours was unheard of. I was also nursing several times between 7 PM and 7AM...In addition to that, I would always nurse and rock him to sleep and then hold my breath as I transferred him to the crib. I was starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation and I could tell my son was as well. Well, enter Kim. Within two nights I was able to put him down awake and he would proceed to put himself to sleep and then sleep soundly for 10 hours straight. The happy look on his face after a good night's rest was priceless. This is not CIO (but you need to do what works for you and your family, obviously). I am so glad I found Kim, and you will be, too. She is caring, supportive (with both her time and resources) and keeps your individual needs in mind. It was a great experience (2-3 weeks total of excellent advice, compassion, and troubleshooting) and I cannot recommend Kim enough." -- Kia Asberg, Asheville, NC

"Frank is a wonderful sleeper now. He barely made a peep after his feeding last night." -- Emily Conklin

"We can all see that Jo is happier. It's amazing what some sleep will do for you." -- Sarah Young, Asheville, NC

"I really cannot express how grateful we are that we found Kim. My 5 1/2 month old baby went from waking 5-10 times a night and taking 20-30 minute cat naps all day to sleeping 12 hours straight and taking 1-1.5 hour naps. My health and emotional well being were on the line (and so were my baby's) and now we are all so much happier. Kim guided us through the entire process and provided consistent researched based information. She provided daily support and constructive feedback. She held us accountable to the plan and helped us problem solve and work through each challenge that came up. She provided compassionate emotional support. This is my first child and I thought that sleep deprivation was just part of the package of being a new mom. I wish I would have known sooner that it did not have to be so hard. My baby is so much happier now that she has good sleep skills, it is truly amazing. Thank you Kim!!" -- Courtney Carriveau, Asheville, NC

"Hiring Kim as a sleep consultant for my baby was one of the best investments I’ve ever made! At 3 months, my little boy learned to self-soothe and started sleeping through the night from around 7.30 pm to 7am. I’m now a well-rested and much happier mama. I had read a couple of baby sleep books, and they were helpful, but the fact is that babies are all different and when things don’t go according to plan, it makes all the difference to have someone to ask what to do and coach you through it. Kim has a baby of her own, so I knew she understood all the little quirks and concerns. Kim is both assertive and caring in her approach, which is exactly what you need in a sleep consultant." -- Natalie Bugalski, Asheville, NC

"Where do I begin? About one month ago, we contacted Kim, because I was waking up every 90-minutes all night long to nurse our precious 5-month-old son. He was also only taking 30-minute naps. We were all exhausted, overwhelmed, and in need of guidance. Through Kim's support, love, and sleep-strategies, our baby is now sleeping through the night. He also now takes 90-minute naps. Now, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he typically just stirs and coos. These sounds are music to my ears, because he is putting himself back to sleep. I no longer have chronic fatigue and back-pain. More importantly my son is getting the sleep he deserves. I can't say enough about Kim and Sleeping Well Consulting. Much love. Take the leap, it's worth it!" -- Jennifer Lingle, Asheville, NC


"This is not the way I thought sleep would go for us. I thought we'd bed share and I'd nurse my baby to sleep and comfort nurse her as needed for the foreseeable future. I'd even sacrifice my sleep to be close to my sweet girl, as I thought that was the "right" thing to do. Well, that only lasted 3 months before my husband and I realized we backed ourselves into a corner with baby M's sleep. Picture naps: bouncing on a yoga ball with M in the ergo with the vacuum running for hours a day. Or, crying it out but with me trying to get her to nurse to sleep. Nights consisted of M thrashing all night, me trying to console with nursing, and none of us actually sleeping for a decent stretch. I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep learning this lesson as a parent, but my expectation of how things will go and reality are very separate things. Baby M was telling us this wasn't working for us and we came to Kim in desperation. We were skeptical of the success stories, but sure enough by the second night, M slept 7 hours straight, the next night was 10 hours. Almost two months after starting sleep training, M is sleeping consistently through the night for about 11 hours. Don't get me wrong, this was the hardest thing I've have to do. Harder than the birth, harder than 15 weeks of interrupted sleep... AND, the best decision we've made. M is a different baby than before we transformed her sleep. We thought she was a fiery pistol, and we realized she was just sleep deprived. I love working with Kim because she is so thoughtful, patient, and strategic. There are countless details we never would have figured out if it weren't for Kim. Figuring out how to differentiate naps versus bedtime, or when to intervene, or how to fit 3 naps in when she wakes up at 8:30 in the morning. We felt like having someone to help us through every step of this transition, and to hold us accountable to our intention was so helpful. We never felt like we had to go through it alone and trusted Kim's advice. What really convinced us to transform sleep is looking at our choices: we could suffer for months or years of bad sleep (with lots of crying already), or a few hard nights while we all learn and adjust. Yes, there is a lot of grief with making this kind of change, and intuitively and practically I know it was the right thing to do. When I see my wide-eyed, alert, and happy baby I am so thankful to Kim for helping us get to this place." -- Ali Haeffner, Asheville, NC