School Aged Children

School Aged Children

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Are you having an unusually hard time getting your school-aged children to get in bed and stay there at the end of the day? This can make it difficult to get them up in the morning. It can also take a toll on their grades and cause them to struggle to stay awake when they’re in school. Sleeping Well Consulting specializes in helping school-aged children stay in bed and showing parents how to manage anxiety around sleep.

Here is what the standard school-aged children package ($395) that’s available through Sleeping Well Consulting includes:

  1. Questionnaire: Before starting the meat of the program, you’ll need to fill out an online questionnaire that details your child’s sleep problems. The questionnaire will ask for you to provide information on your child’s daily schedule and their temperament. It’ll also call for you to touch on your parenting style and your frustrations with your child’s current sleep patterns.
  2. Consultation: After taking a look at your questionnaire, I will get to work on a customized sleep plan that will reduce anxiety around sleep for your child. This sleep plan will lay out a daytime schedule and a bedtime routine for your child and offer up answers to many of the “what if” questions you might have. It’ll also deliver instructions to you on helping school-aged children stay in bed and sleep through the night.
  3. Sleep plan: Following your consultation, I will set you up with an easy-to-follow sleep plan for your school-aged child. This sleep plan will include everything that I spoke with you about during your consultation. I will also spend time addressing any concerns you might have about your child’s new sleep plan.
  4. Follow-up phone calls: Sleeping Well Consulting will stay in touch with you at scheduled times throughout your child’s 3-week sleep program. Helping school-aged children stay in bed doesn’t happen overnight, so I will tweak your child’s sleep plan as needed based on how they react to it.
  5. 3-weeks of unlimited email support: If your child suffers from anxiety around sleep while taking part in a sleep program, I will be there to provide you with more than enough support. In addition to regular follow-up phone calls, you’ll also be able to send an email to me at any time to discuss any roadblocks you and your child might run into. I will respond to your emails between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily.
  6. Sleep logs: Parents will be asked to use an online sleep log to keep track of when their school-aged children sleep over 3 weeks. This sleep log will be used to celebrate your child’s successes and to find solutions for helping school-aged children stay in bed.
  7. Graduation certificate: Sleeping Well Consulting wants to reward you and your child for working so hard to reduce anxiety around sleep. At the very end of your child’s program, you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging the progress your child has made. He or she can display it proudly in their room to show off their accomplishment.

Contact Sleeping Well Consulting at 828-242-1427 today if you need a hand with helping school-aged children stay in bed.