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Prenatal Through 7 Weeks

Congratulations on your new baby!

Whether you just found out that you’re expecting a child, or you just arrived back home from the hospital with your new baby, it’s important for you to be proactive when it comes to helping your little one develop healthy sleep habits from prenatal through 7 weeks. Sleeping Well Consulting can provide you with a healthy sleep plan and parent interventions that’ll make it easier for you to teach your baby to sleep well now so that you don’t face too many challenges down the road.

It’s worth noting that you cannot sleep train a newborn by using the prenatal through 7 weeks program offered by Sleeping Well Consulting. Newborns need to eat frequently, which makes it impossible for parents to train them to sleep at specific times. Nevertheless, with the right help, you can get access to a healthy sleep plan and parent interventions. This will allow you to devise a sleep plan for your baby as you move from prenatal through 7 weeks.

Here is what the standard prenatal through 7 weeks package ($99) includes:

  1. Consultation: During your initial consultation, I will discuss the importance of sleep with you, explain what sleep props are and talk to you about how to avoid them, and emphasize the value of a good eat-play-sleep routine for your baby. I will also speak with you about using a healthy sleep plan and parent interventions, explore ways to feed your baby on demand while maintaining good sleep habits, and more.
  2. Sleep Plan: Once your consultation is over, I will get to work on devising a detailed and easy-to-follow sleep plan for your baby. While your first month at home with your new baby should primarily be focused on feeding and bonding with your baby, there are some things you can do early on with your baby to ensure they are sleeping for longer stretches and eventually through the night. You’ll learn all about your baby’s healthy sleep plan and parent interventions at this stage of the program.
  3. Sleep logs: Sleeping Well Consulting will provide you with sleep logs so that you can track your baby’s sleep over time to see which aspects of your healthy sleep plan and parent interventions are working and which aren’t. I can help you adjust your plan accordingly to produce better sleep results.
  4. Reflux vs. spit up document: Parents often wonder if the spit up that their child produces is actually reflux, and if there is anything they can do about it. Sleeping Well Consulting will give you with a document that discusses the differences between the two and provides you with solutions that you can try to organically help your child with both spitting up and reflux.
  5. Access to additional follow-up support: If all goes according to plan, the healthy sleep plan and parent interventions that you learn about through Sleeping Well Consulting will work wonders for your new baby’s sleep patterns. But over time, there is a chance you could face new challenges. As your prenatal sleep consultant in Asheville, NC, I can offer you additional phone, email, and text support for the first 4 months of your child’s life (see “Add-On Services” for pricing). This step is especially useful if you have trouble implementing any aspect of your baby’s sleep plan as they get older. You will also need to consider trying a different type of sleep plan once your child hits the 4-month mark.

Call Sleeping Well Consulting at 828-242-1427 today to see how a healthy sleep plan and parent interventions can benefit your child from prenatal through 7 weeks in a big way.