Asheville Prenatal Sleep Consultant


Prenatal Through 7 Weeks

Congratulations on your new baby!

Whether you just found out you are expecting or you are right now at home with your baby,  kudos to you for being proactive in helping your little one develop healthy sleep habits. In this package, we will cover the basics of teaching your baby to sleep well now so you don't have sleep challenges down the road.

Prenatal Sleep Consultant in Asheville, NC

Please note: You cannot sleep train a newborn. A newborn is too little and needs to eat frequently. What we can do together is to set your baby up for success in learning how to fall asleep and stay asleep in due time.  Therefore, this is a Healthy Sleep Plan, and not a Sleep Training Plan.

Standard package ($99) includes:

  1. Consultation: We will discuss the importance of sleep, what sleep props are and how to avoid them, the importance of a good eat-play-sleep routine, and what one looks like, how to feed on demand in relation to good sleep habits, and much more.
  2. Sleep plan: I will provide you with detailed, easy-to-follow, and easy-to-read newborn sleep plan. While the first month or so should primarily be focused on feeding and bonding with your baby, there are things that you can do early on with your baby to ensure they are sleeping longer stretches (and eventually through the night). All we discuss during our consultation will be included into this plan.
  3. Sleep logs: I provide you with sleep logs so that you can track your baby’s sleep to see where things are working well and where they need improvement.
  4. Reflux vs. Spit Up Document: Parents often wonder if the spit up their child produces is actually reflux, and they also wonder what they can do about it. This document talks about the differences and gives you things you can do organically right now to help with both!
  5. Access to Additional Follow Up Support:  Because you will have already gone through a consult with me and are using the newborn sleep plan, as your prenatal sleep consultant in Asheville, NC, I offer you additional phone calls, email, or text access to me throughout the first 4 months of your child’s life (see “Add-On Services” for pricing). This is especially helpful if you are having trouble implementing anything we’ve talked about in regards to sleep or if you feel you need to discuss other sleep training options. Note: If your child is 4 months of age or over, you will definitely need to contact me for other options, as you’ll need a different type of plan.