Prenatal & Newborn Sleep Package

Congratulations on Your New Baby!

Whether you just found out that you’re expecting a child, or you just arrived back home from the hospital, you’re ahead of the game for being proactive with healthy sleep habits! Sleeping Well Consulting can provide you with a healthy sleep plan for your newborn. You can get started with good sleep habits now so that you don’t face too many challenges down the road.

Sleeping Well Consulting does not recommend dropping night feeds for very young babies. The sleep education Kim provides is not intended to help newborn babies sleep through the night. Newborn babies have tiny tummies and a strong need to be close to their parents. Parents can lay the foundation for their newborn’s healthy sleep. When their baby is developmentally ready, they will find an easier transition to restful, longer stretches of independent sleep.

Prenatal & Newborn Package


  • Initial Assessment
  • Newborn Healthy Sleep Habits Guide
  • Private On-On-One Consultation
  • Nursery Assessment
  • Two 20-Minute Check in Calls (to be used by the time baby is 12 weeks old)
  • Two Follow-Up Email Threads (to be used by the time baby is 12 weeks old)

Kim is an amazing resource and support. Her knowledge is invaluable in helping parents navigate the challenges of baby sleep!

Lee Crayton

The Process

  1. Initial Assessment (When Needed): We will start with an initial assessment of your child’s sleep habits. This will be completed before our one-on-one consultation, so that we can make the best use of our time together and address every question and challenge.
  2. Private Consultation: We will discuss your child’s sleep needs, how to establish a daytime rhythm to help with sleep, and how to nudge your child in the direction of better sleep each day (including how to watch for your child’s naturally developing circadian rhythm).
  3. Your Newborn Healthy Sleep Habits Guide addresses your child’s needs and includes clear, easy-to-follow steps for healthy sleep.
  4. Nursery Assessment: We will assess the rooms or places your child is sleeping in and make recommendations to create an optimal sleeping environment.
  5. Two 20-Minute Check in Calls (to be used by the time baby is 12 weeks old). This gives you the reassurance you need when you need it, and is a great way to have all of your questions answered and go forward knowing just what to do.
  6. Two Follow-Up Email Threads (to be used by the time baby is 12 weeks old). You can ask and clarify, address any challenges and gain confidence to handle sleep changes as your baby grows older.


We came to Kim desperate for sleep! Our son was waking [frequently], and it was taking a toll. She helped us get on a schedule that worked for all of us. By the time the 2 week period was over he was sleeping through the night. We have had very minimal issues with night waking since. Kim still works with us as needed when things change (dropping a nap, for example). I would highly recommend her!

Rachael Evans