Asheville Nighttime Support

I'll be there to see you through

Do you suspect you’re going to need additional support beyond standard sleep packages? Sleeping Well Consulting also offers hands-on support during nighttime hours to help ease the stress of establishing better sleep habits for your kids. Here are some of the additional support packages that you can add on to any standard sleep package.

Overnight Support (Add-On to Any Sleep Package) - $1149

If you’re apprehensive about putting sleep changes into place for your kids on your own or if you’re worried that your child will be stressed out and crying all night long, Sleeping Well Consulting offers additional hands-on support in the form of in-home overnight support that might be just what you need. I will arrive at your home before you begin your bedtime routine at night and stay until your baby wakes up in the morning.

Prior to coming to your home, I will also go over your child’s personalized sleep plan with you. Once at your home, I will address any questions or concerns that you may have before starting the plan. I will guide you towards putting your children down to sleep on the first night, and after your child is asleep, I will take the monitor so that you can get some rest. For every night waking, I will either come to get you to guide you along the way while following your child’s sleep plan or respond to and comfort your child so you can stay asleep. After your child wakes up in the morning, we will go over what happened throughout the night together to see what changes can be made.

Half-Night Support (Add-On to Any Sleep Package) - $649

When you choose this package, I’ll come to your house before you begin your bedtime routine with your child and help you implement their personalized sleep plan. I will help you put your baby to bed and respond to any night awakenings until midnight. I’ll take the monitor and ease the stress involved with this process by letting you catch up on some sleep. I’ll stay awake, and when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, I can respond to your baby or come and get you so that you can see how to get your child back to sleep quickly. This hands-on support will help you make important changes to how you and your child approach sleep.

Bedtime Support (Add-On to Any Sleep Package) - $250

Do you want additional support for your child’s first bedtime? Taking that first leap towards making changes related to sleep can be scary, and oftentimes, the first bedtime is the scariest part. As your nighttime support specialist, I offer hands-on support and ease the stress for you and your child by coming to your home during this time. We’ll go over your sleep plan before I arrive and discuss any questions or concerns you might have before working together to make bedtime a breeze for your child.

During the first bedtime for your child, we will watch for signs that your baby is working on going to sleep. We will also practice ways to soothe and comfort your baby as needed. And after your child has fallen asleep, I will answer any questions that you might have so that you’re confident enough to handle the rest of the night on your own.

Ease the stress associated with getting your child to sleep at night with help from Sleeping Well Consulting. Call 828-242-1427 today to arrange additional support for a whole night, part of a night, or just for bedtime.

Overnight Text Support (Add-On to Any Sleep Package)

$100 per night

Immediate response to text inquiries from the hours of 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.


Half-Night Text Support (Add-On to Any Sleep Package)

$60 per night

Immediate response to text inquiries from the hours of 8:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m.