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Greensboro, NC Sleep Consultant

Are you struggling with a good sleep schedule for your little one? A baby that receives the correct amount of sleep proves to be more playful, energetic, happy, and eager to learn. I was a single mother with a preemie who had been diagnosed with GERD. We both experienced sleep deprivation from the start of our journey together. I received more advice on how to get my baby to sleep through the night than I care to remember!

After suffering through sleepless, tear-filled nights, I made up my mind that something had to change. I began my quest for help, and the answers I found were exactly what I needed for my baby and myself to start sleeping again. I was made aware that sleep is a learned skill, and babies can be taught to fall asleep on their own. You can experience these life-changing tools, and I would be so happy to have the opportunity to guide you and your family to wonderful deep, restorative sleep again.

Sleep Packages

I offer several sleep packages for your child beginning with the prenatal stage and continuing through the teenage years. The process begins with a questionnaire for me to get an idea of your child’s daily schedule and temperament, as well as your style of parenting. After reviewing your responses, I will schedule a consultation with you and provide you with a personalized, detailed sleep plan.

We will be discussing bedtime routines, getting your child to sleep through the night and napping routines during the day. We will cover breastfeeding concerns if you nurse your baby. In other words, your personalized sleep plan will be easy to understand and follow.

Follow-Up Support

You will be provided with follow-up phone calls during scheduled times, which will keep me updated on your progress. I will make suggestions and give feedback based on how things are going for you. I will provide you and your family email support, as needed, for three or four weeks, depending on the plan you have chosen. The sleep logs you fill out will help us see where changes are needed and when we can celebrate your sleep successes. Once you have worked through the program, you will be awarded a graduation certificate to display with pride.

Packages for Multiples

I offer a package for families with multiples including siblings, twins, or triplets. When you have more than one baby not sleeping through the night, you will soon experience a family falling apart from the lack of sleep! You can get a good night’s sleep even with two or three little ones at home. The children can take naps and go to bed at the same time, and even learn to sleep through the night with some tried and true practices in place.

Partnering With You

I will come alongside you and help you fix your childrens’ sleep issues so you and your family can recover from sleep deprivation. When children are not receiving the proper amount of sleep, they do not play, eat, or learn as well as other children. A price tag cannot be put on the ability of your child being able to put themselves to sleep at night.

As your child sleep consulting expert in Greensboro, I will partner with you and your entire family to help you get the sleep you need. There are many moving parts to the science of sleep, and each area must be completed for you to have success.

No “Cry It Out” Policy

My program will never use the “cry it out” policy. My goals for you include helping your child to go to sleep as quickly as possible with the least amount of stress. I will educate you on the signs of success that your baby is learning to actively put himself or herself to sleep.

As a sleep consultant, I understand every child is unique, so I will provide you with an individualized plan best designed for their needs. My knowledge and experience, along with one-on-one support, will make all the difference for you, especially when you are exhausted.

Sleep Consultant in Greensboro, NC

I understand how difficult it is when you have a child or family member that does not have healthy sleep habits. I also know that you can regain control of the situation with a little bit of training and support. Contact me today to see which sleep package would be best for you and your child.