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Is your baby having a hard time getting on a good sleep schedule? Evidence proves that a child receiving the proper amount of sleep is energetic, happy, curious, playful, and eager to learn. As a mother of a preemie diagnosed with GERD, the two of us were very sleep-deprived from the beginning. The number of advice tips I received to get my baby sleeping through the night was nearly endless.

After several sleepless, tear-filled evenings, I decided something had to change, and I began my quest for help. I am so thankful that I found the answers I needed for me and my baby to get sleeping again. I found that sleep is a learned skill, and you can help your child learn how to go to sleep on their own. It will be life-changing, and I would be grateful for the opportunity to guide you and your family to deep, restorative sleep again.

How I Can Help

I offer sleep packages for your child from the prenatal stage all the way through their teenage years. First, I will have you complete a questionnaire so I can get an idea of your child’s daily schedule, what’s happening during the night, your child’s temperament, and your style of parenting. After I have reviewed your responses, I will be able to write your detailed, personalized sleep plan. We will then schedule a consultation to go over the sleep plan and answer any questions.

We will discuss several issues such as bedtime routines, as well as instructions on getting your child to sleep through the night and taking naps during the day. We also will cover breastfeeding concerns if that is how you have chosen to feed your baby. The sleep plan will be easy to follow and understand.

Ongoing Support

I will provide you with unlimited phone, email, and text support for one month to make sure that your family is well on your way to sleep success. As with most families, you’ll most likely see nighttime success within the first week, and nap success within the first couple of weeks.

Nonetheless, you’ll have my support for the entire month! You will be asked to fill out digital sleep logs so that I can track your progress and troubleshoot challenges before they become problems. We’ll be able to see where changes are needed and when to celebrate your successes as they happen day after day! After working through the program, you will receive graduation documents and access to my ongoing support.

Packages for Multiples

In addition to these packages, I also offer a package for multiple children, whether twins, triplets or siblings. If you have more than one baby who isn’t sleeping well, you will soon have a family falling apart from lack of sleep! Even with two or three little bundles of joy at home, you can still get a good night’s sleep. The children can nap at the same time, go to bed at the same time, and even sleep through the night.

I will help you fix the little ones’ sleep issues so your family can recover from sleep deprivation. Children who are not receiving the needed amount of sleep do not play, eat, or learn as well as other children. A price tag cannot be put on the gift of your child being able to put themselves to sleep at night.

I Will Partner with You

As your child sleep consulting expert in Columbia, SC, I will partner with you and your family and help you get the sleep you need. There are many parts to the science of sleep, and each part must be considered for you to have success.

Baby Will Not Need to “Cry It Out”

My program does not involve allowing your baby to “cry it out.” One of my goals is to help your child go to sleep as quickly as possible with the least amount of stress. I will educate you on the signs of success that your child is learning to actively put him or herself to sleep.

Every child is unique, and as a sleep consultant, I will provide you with an individualized plan best suited for their needs. My experience and knowledge, along with one-on-one support, can make all the difference for you, especially when you are exhausted.

Sleep Consultant in Columbia, SC

I understand how difficult it is when you have a child or family member that does not have healthy sleep habits. I also know that you can regain control of the situation with a little bit of training and support. Contact me today to see which sleep package would be best for you and your child.