Babies Sleep Package

Restful Sleep Can Be Yours!

If you have bad nights, horrible nights and the occasional good night that makes you hope for more, it can be a million times better. Restful, restorative sleep can be yours every night in about a week or less.

Babies can figure out how to go to sleep when left all alone, but it takes a long time. There’s also more stress, both for them and their parents. When babies are comforted and nudged in the direction of sleep, they quickly learn how to use their bodies and natural abilities. They get comfortable in their bodies and beds and put themselves to sleep. They learn so fast without the unnecessary stress. And they welcome sleep!

Signs that babies over 3 months are ready to put themselves to sleep are: taking longer and longer to go to sleep (often crying the whole time), waking soon after going to sleep, and waking frequently in the night or from naps. It’s almost as if they are saying, “Nothing is working! I want to do this on my own, but I don’t know how yet!”

He was smiling when I laid him down and he didn’t make a peep. Mildly terrifying, but I’m thrilled! He’s such an easy going little guy now! I know regressions might still happen, but this is such an incredible transformation that we’re pretty peaceful about anything else that comes.

Candace Reilly

Asheville, NC

Kim individually writes each child’s sleep plan. It’s a night and daytime plan that ensures success in the fastest amount of time with the least amount of stress. She provides unlimited support, including immediate response text support. And she works with you to maintain success for the long term.

If you’re ready for a change, Kim at Sleeping Well Consulting can make it happen. Most of the families who use Kim’s easy-to-follow plan have their baby sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night in just a few nights.

Standard Babies Package


  • In-Depth Assessment
  • Fully customized sleep and daytime plan
  • Private on-on-one consultation
  • Nursery Assessment
  • One Month of Support
  • 4 follow-up phone calls
  • Email support
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Sleeping Well Toolkit

Frank is a wonderful sleeper now. He barely made a peep after his feeding last night

Emily Conklin

The Process

  1. In-depth Assessment:We will start with an initial assessment of your child’s sleep habits, daytime rhythms, temperament, your parenting style and more. This will allow me to create your customized sleep plan.
  2. Private Consultation: We will go over your child’s sleep plan during a private one-on-one consultation, where we will answer questions and make any necessary changes, so that you are on-board and ready to implement your plan.
  3. Your Customized Sleep Plan addresses your child’s particular struggles and includes clear, easy-to-follow steps for bedtime, night wakings, naps, feeds and more.
  4. Nursery Assessment: We will assess the room your child is sleeping in and make recommendations to create an optimal sleeping environment. 

Follow-up Support

  • Four Weeks of Follow-up Support to ensure that your baby is sleeping well and set up for sleep success in the future
  • 4 Follow-up phone calls to address any challenges and further shape your plan to your lifestyle and your child’s responses
  • Email Support to guide and answer any questions that arise. Send emails daily and I guarantee one response within a business day.
  • Sleeping Well Toolkit: Once your program is completed, I will send documents to you that will help you overcome your child’s sleep challenges in the future. You’ll find information on a variety of topics including nap transitions, developmental milestones, travel, sickness, and more in these documents.

Investment: $397

Add-On To Any Standard Babies Package

Four Weeks of Unlimited Text and Voxer* Support $100

Bedtime Support $70 (per night)

Half-Night Support $85 (per night)

Overnight Support $125 (per night)

*Voxer is an easy-to-use text and voice message app. It allows me to be super accessible to you during a busy work and travel day. We can add both parents and any caregivers to the same message group so we are all on the same page during our time together.

Twins, Triplets or Siblings in the same age group? There’s no extra charge to start everyone sleeping on the same date! For siblings of varying age groups, each additional child is 50% off. (Discount applies to lesser package).