Mini-Consults and Additional Support

Are you a former Sleeping Well Consulting client with a child who has regressed in the sleep department after going through one of my sleep programs? Or would you like to find out how to make a few small tweaks to your child’s sleep habits to see real results? Sleeping Well Consulting offers mini consults and refreshers to past clients as well as additional support packages for current clients who need extra support. Take a look at several of the add-on services available now below.

Photo of child blowing on a dandelion

Book a Call for $45

Has something changed in your child’s life and disrupted their sleep schedule in recent weeks? You can get them back on track by booking a call with Sleeping Well Consulting.

In order to maximize time during refreshers, I often ask past clients to fill out a questionnaire or send me an email detailing their child’s change in sleep habits. If necessary, I may send follow-up documents, exchange several emails with you, or ask you for sleep logs.

I will then provide you with a 30-minute call to discuss your child’s sleep issues at length and offer suggestions on how to reestablish good sleep habits.

Obtain Email Support for $35

Have a question or two about something going on with your child’s sleep habits? Send me an email to touch base about it!

Sleeping Well Consulting provides refreshers to parents and children who need help staying on track when it comes to sleep. As your sleep consultant expert, I can answer your questions and provide helpful explanations and even send documents that will come in handy.

Our email exchange may contain up to two emails each to make sure that you feel confident going forward when making additional sleep changes for your child. This add-on service is only available to past clients and not current clients.

Hire Me for Life for $495

Want to make sure you’re never without the refreshers you’ll need to help your child maintain a healthy and productive sleep schedule? This add-on service will give you access to unlimited text, email, and phone support when problems present themselves or questions arise.

If I have any documents or files that I can provide to guide you as you strive to improve your child’s sleep, I will pass them along to you. I can also help you develop a new sleep plan for your child if your family situation ever changes or if your child’s age affects their sleep habits in any way. I’m here always to provide you with consultation, guidance, and more.

If we decide that we need to track your child’s sleep at any time during the year, I will give you direct access to their digital sleep logs. This will help you monitor how much sleep your child is getting and show you what you can do to make sure they’re sleeping enough and at the right times. Much like the email support add-on service, this service is only available to past clients as an add-on to any sleep package and not current clients.

Call Sleeping Well Consulting at 828-242-1427 today to speak with me about booking mini-consults or additional support.