Babies Sleep Package (4 Months Through 2 years)

Email, Phone and Unlimited Support Consultations

For Babies, Toddlers and Children 4 Months to 5 Years Old

Photo of baby in pajamas

  • With customized sleep coaching packages starting at $199, you can choose the most effective sleep training solution for your child and family. Whether you need phone, email, text, video or unlimited overnight support, we’re there when and as you need us.
  • Coaching and sleep plans are built around your needs and family situation. If you plan to co-sleep, we’ll create a plan for it. If you need to continue night feeds, we’ll keep night feeds. If your child calms best with your comfort and touch, we’ll create a plan for it.
  • Your child’s sleep plan is written personally by Kim, and created for your child alone, and your questions are answered individually and thoughtfully too.
  • What you won’t get is a series canned email responses, a video course, or an eBook that is sent to every family.
  • What you will get is a personalized system designed specifically for your child and family in mind. It is a system that will allow your child to sleep through the night in the fastest amount of time with the least amount of stress — and continue successful sleep for the long term.

Customized Email Sleep Training Packages For Babies and Toddlers

Need More Support? Choose Unlimited Support Packages To Ensure Your Child’s Sleep Success