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How Good Can It Be?

 Imagine a good night’s sleep within a week. It’s possible when you join hundreds of families who've found success with an individual plan and unlimited support.

When your baby or toddler is struggling with sleep, everyone is exhausted. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. I work one-on-one with you to implement a plan that’s created for your child alone. It’s a sleep and daytime plan made specifically to suit your child’s temperament, your family situation, your parenting style and more.

This means that sleep can be yours, easily and gently, in a matter of days. Most importantly, you’re in good hands with an expert trained in infant mental health, maternal mental health and all aspects of sleep science.

"When I see my wide-eyed, alert, and happy baby I am so thankful to Kim for helping us get to this place."  Ali Haeffner, LPC-Associate, Art Therapist & founder of Infinite Within

"We are still going strong with our sleep routines, and our (now exponentially happier) baby takes about 90 seconds to fall asleep once his head is on the mattress. I’m still amazed. And so grateful for Kim!" Anna Goddard, M.A., LPC, Anna Goddard Counseling

"Within two nights I was able to put him down awake and he would proceed to put himself to sleep and then sleep soundly for 10 hours straight. The happy look on his face after a good night's rest was priceless. Another strength of this individualized approach is that it is tailored to the age of your child." Kia Asberg, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Western Carolina University

"I was waking up every 90-minutes all night long to nurse our precious 5-month-old son. He was also only taking 30-minute naps. Through Kim's support, love, and sleep-strategies, our baby is now sleeping through the night. He also now takes 90-minute naps. I can't say enough about Kim and Sleeping Well Consulting. Much love. Take the leap, it's worth it!" Jennifer Lingle, M.Ed., founder of Autism Educates


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Sleep Problems I Help Solve

  • Frequent night wakings.
  • Difficulty falling asleep.
  • The need to fall asleep by rocking, nursing, pacifier, bottle or any other "prop."
  • Waking too early in the morning.
  • Difficulty napping, short naps, no naps.
  • Transition from co-sleeping to crib, crib to bed, and from parent's room to child's own room.
  • Difficulty keeping your little one in bed all night.
  • Sleep issues during traveling and times of illness.

I often say that sleep training is a misnomer. You won't be training your child to do something, but rather, you'll be allowing your child natural sleep.

I'll show you the signs to watch for as your child is putting himself or herself to sleep. I'll help you nudge your child in that direction while offering your comforting support and presence.

Some call it compassionate sleep training, sleep teaching, or gentle sleep training. My methods are personalized for your child and family situation. 

I write each sleep and daytime plan individually. This ensures the least amount of stress and crying.

I work with you to help your child go to sleep easily and peacefully in the fastest amount of time, and I set you up for long-term success.

Contact me today to learn how we can work together or if you have any questions!

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Kim Rogers began Sleeping Well Consulting in North Carolina. She serves families in person locally and virtually all over the world.